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On the playground: bad audio

Too bad, I still haven’t gotten the gain setting right yet. I recorded way too hot.

This is 18 minutes of me playing with kids on the kindergarten playground.

Omiya soundscape no talking: sorry, bad audio

I had the gain up too high. The audio is all blown out and you can clearly hear the whistling snot in my right nostril the whole time. But I said I’d upload a podcast every day for 30 days, so today’s podcast is brought you to by Richie’s Whistling Snot…Toothpaste or something.

“The Whistling Snot” would be a good name for a bar.

You look dorky.

Dads are supposed to look dorky. We’ve earned the right to wear calf-high white socks with sandals and tuck our t-shirt into our pants. I bump it up a notch with microphones and wires attached to my baseball cap.

Shitty Watercolor 45 Minute Brain Dump

The whole thing, unedited.

Have a look at Shitty Watercolor’s archive to see how he improved over the years.

The TEDx talk about how Depression is a Disease of Civilization.

The TED talk Brene Brown gave about vulnerability that launched her career.

Here’s the kindergarten I visit three times a week in Google Street View.

Just not good enough

I’m way out of practice, but instead of throwing this one away, I used it to experiment with audio compression settings in Audacity running in Ubuntu Linux.

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