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Shitty Watercolor 45 Minute Brain Dump

The whole thing, unedited.

Have a look at Shitty Watercolor’s archive to see how he improved over the years.

The TEDx talk about how Depression is a Disease of Civilization.

The TED talk Brene Brown gave about vulnerability that launched her career.

Here’s the kindergarten I visit three times a week in Google Street View.

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  1. This is perfect, Rich. Perfect. Thanks for making the effort to do this, chumbucket or not.

    It\’s funny that you mention Marc Maron, as that is who you remind me lot of. Or I guess I should say he remind me of you since you beat him to this whole podcast game by a fair bit. But yeah, you\’re right, it really is all about the personal connection. I like that your podcast stays more true to what podcasting was like in the early days when it was this very intimate thing that felt like a one-on-one discussion, rather than a radio show replete with a theme song, ads, panel of guests, etc. It really maximizing what is unique about the medium instead of just transporting one idiom (radio) to a new format.

    I\’m going to be starting my own podcast soon about my life in the casino business in California. I credit you as my inspiration so hopefully we both stick with it and can keep connecting with others.

    P.S. totally ad-blocked that horrible fucking chumbucket picture!

    • Let me know when your podcast is up! I replaced the Fear Factor chum bucket photo with a picture I found of the Chum Bucket from Spongebob Squarepants.

      The original reason why I started podcasting was to challenge myself to do something way, way out of my comfort zone. It\’s still out there.

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